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  • For those of us not familiar with last year's rules, could we get a link to those just for reference?

  • I've been using MATLAB on and off for nearly 10 years. It is my absolute favorite data analysis tool. That being said...

    I've never used it in conjunction with external hardware (for embedded programming or DAQ), but don't see interfacing with an arduino to be terribly intelligent. For something with such limited processing power, I see little value in using such a mathematically robust package. The arduino can't handle even 1/4 of the tasks that MATLAB would commonly be used for, and if you're going to use such a limited subset of it, why shell out the money?

    Also, I don't find simulink to be that much more user friendly than textual programming. No, you don't have to worry about semicolons and brackets, but because of it's complexity I see few benefits beyond that. Personally, I avoid simulink at all costs; the few times I've had to use it for a class have been very painful compared to just programming in the standard matlab environment. If I want a graphical language (which for DAQ I usually do), I go with LabVIEW (see my previous comment on the last installment of this series). I just wish I could actually program the Arduino with it rather than using it tethered. (I haven't checked on this in a while, so if they've changed that please correct me.)

  • I despised LabVIEW when I first saw it in one of my engineering courses. After being forced to use it, I am an absolute die hard LabVIEW fanboy. I drank the KoolAid and am even CLAD certified.

    I would love being able to program an arduino with LabVIEW. Last I checked though, you can only interface with it. (You have to remain tethered to your PC and can't actually upload your code to the arduino.) I am currently working on a way around it, but haven't had time to seriously explore it. Until then, I don't find it to really be a viable solution.

    This makes me incredibly sad.

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