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  • Thank you - this worked out very well for me!

    Just to provide a summary in case that the picture gets unavailable (all credz goes to the kind sir/madam above):

    x = [value read from sensor]
    y = x * [your Arduino boards Vcc (5 or 3.3V)] / 1024
    distance = 61.681 * y ^ -1.133
    distance <-- in centimeters
  • Does the job just as it should do.

  • Would have been ordering one if the kit also included BLACK wires in the same length as the red ones...

  • Really good, a couple of months ago I were looking after examples on just this! Thank you!

    But for those - as me - who looks for something more straight off Arduino-compatible and more serious (i.e. longer range) solution for RC, I would want to tip you about another option I've found to be very interesting; there is this excellent but yet very unknown project called OpenLRS (Long Range System). It's based on a Atmega328 processor with the Arduino Bootloader and can function both as a Tx and a Rx with a range that regular off-the-shelf RC products only can dream about and that's even >without< the optional unidirectional 7W booster that provides additionally a couple of miles/kilometers of range. If it sounds interesting you should definitely give it a look! Perhaps Sparkfun even can do a deal with those behind that project and sell their products too, that would be truly awesome =)

  • Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to write this informative text! Nothing I would have expected in a comment section on a site - but hey, this is Sparkfun which never stops amaze me ;P

    I fully understand your points, for instance I do my best to work with one hand/one limb when working with "feelable" voltage to avoid just what you said. And currents crossing the torso is what I would try to avoid the most.

    Just to make it clear; my intentions is not to use this on a living organism, but as I've already said I tend to be a bit clumsy from time to time so I -should- consider it as being accidentally stun sometime(s) if I were to play with this. But your answer was calming, hopefully I would make good use of it :D

    And yes, I will grade the pain from 0 to 10.

  • It seems very interesting, but what would actually happen IF you got stun by this?

    I'm not exactly known for being too cautious when playing with high voltage stuff at the workbench. And I do have felt some stings due to this.

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