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  • The bandwidth should theoretically be 36 MHz, as the sampling rate is 72 Megasamples per second. Nyquist's theorem, I believe.

  • Hi Again:

    Well it looks like I needed to restart the weather board after changing the settings. After typing the last message I went downstairs and fiddled with the sensors individually. They seemed to work.

    I reattached them to the weather board, and all was well. It seems that the weather vane doesn't require a board reboot, but the other two sensors do.

    All is well now!


  • Hi There:

    I have connected these sensors to your USB weather board. I'm using the stock firmware. I've enabled the "weather meters attached" option through control-Z and saved the settings.

    I get no readings for either wind speed or rainfall. Wind direction, however, works fine. I have verified that my connectors on the USB weather board have proper continuity, i.e. no soldering screw-ups.

    I've also ensured that the RJ11s are inserted properly (anemometer to wind vane, both rainfall and wind connectors into the weather board) but it's a "no go".

    I hear the reed switch on the anemometer clicking, and the rainfall gauge teeter-tooter cycles.

    I am going to scope the outputs of both the anemometer and rainfall gauges (through an external 5V), but thought I would inquire in parallel in case others have had this problem. Nothing I could see in the product comments, however.


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