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  • YUP Confirmed that this adapter does fit exactly with gamecube controllers. I don't have any good leads on drivers for the controller right now, but im sure there is something out there. But either way, this is a very nice second use for this.

  • Hmmm, I've noticed that the pins pretty nearly match those of a GameCube controller, more on this discovery after some testing...

  • BTW, Im using lead free rosin core solder.

  • I bought two of these motors, unfortunately I messed one up trying to solder some wires to the leads. Before the leads even got hot enough to stick to the solder, the heat from the leads melted the surrounding black plastic. Maybe I didnt use the right method. I just touched the tip of the iron to the leads, touched the solder to it, before the solder melted the plastic did. Anybody got tips on how to solder wires on properly?

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