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  • I would like to assemble several of these parts much in the way they are assembled in the images above, so that I can connect these parts allowing a rotation around an axis Where can I get the screws (type shoulder screw) that would fit in the holes of this part so I can make such a construction? I would like to have the possibility of choosing screw length Thanks

  • I was pretty sure I already tried this and didn’t work, but this time did. Thank you

  • When I click on the link to download the Sketchup part, I go to a screen where the contents of the file (nothing meaningful) is displayed How can I download the corresponding file?

  • Thanks

  • I have sent an e-mail to that address explaining the problem 24 hours ago and haven’t received any reply yet

  • Hello I bought an LSM303DLM digital compass, and have wired it to an Arduino Uno according to the video tutorial below, but I can’t see any reading on the Serial Monitor. According to the traces I have put in the program, it keeps waiting unendlessly when the read function is called. Is it possible to make a check to the LSM303 module so that I can see if the module is damaged? Can I do anything else to fix the problem? Thanks

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