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  • 5 years ago, IC was retired; link to breadboard currently shows it’s retired. Can I get this chip, on a breadboard, or can I get a breadboard to put this chip on?

  • re: SMD Impaired; How about a breakout board we can solder these to?

  • Hey! Glad you’re finally carrying some stuff that also works with RC equipment! Now, how about some EC3 connectors, so I can power my Sparkfun projects from my airplane batteries?

  • As an avid RC electric aircraft pilot, the number of charge / discharge cycles also becomes significant; I find it handy to use (removable) blue masking tape for marking on. I use a sharpie and put a “C” every time I charge it, fill it in solid every time I discharge it, or an “S” every time I put it into a storage charge (not mentioned, but I’m told it’s critical for longevity!). If I fill up the masking tape, it can easily be replaced with another, with the first entry being the number of cycles from the previous tape. It’s a handy way to track not only the batteries' “age”, but also it’s current state of charge.

  • Your “Datasheet” doesn’t mention a speed limit for the anemometer… Will it work up to 150mph?

  • Where can I find out how to go about “flashing some 802.15.4 (series 1) radios to digimesh mode”?

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