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  • This would be a GREAT deal, if it would actually handle 8 amps, as the title says... Unfortunately, "The BC337 is specifically rated at 50V and 800mA max." NOT 8,000mA!

  • Hey, guys! Why did you retire this? It's a great way to introduce new folks to our world, without having to invest a lot of money in (or keep track of!) lots of "accessories" to make it usable. Once they run "blink", they're usually hooked, and wanting bigger and better hardware. It seems you could almost give these away, for the amount of repeat business they generate. Please let me know if you decide to introduce something similar.

  • 5 years ago, IC was retired; link to breadboard currently shows it's retired. Can I get this chip, on a breadboard, or can I get a breadboard to put this chip on?

  • re: SMD Impaired; How about a breakout board we can solder these to?

  • Hey! Glad you're finally carrying some stuff that also works with RC equipment! Now, how about some EC3 connectors, so I can power my Sparkfun projects from my airplane batteries?

  • As an avid RC electric aircraft pilot, the number of charge / discharge cycles also becomes significant; I find it handy to use (removable) blue masking tape for marking on. I use a sharpie and put a "C" every time I charge it, fill it in solid every time I discharge it, or an "S" every time I put it into a storage charge (not mentioned, but I'm told it's critical for longevity!). If I fill up the masking tape, it can easily be replaced with another, with the first entry being the number of cycles from the previous tape. It's a handy way to track not only the batteries' "age", but also it's current state of charge.

  • Your "Datasheet" doesn't mention a speed limit for the anemometer... Will it work up to 150mph?

  • Where can I find out how to go about "flashing some 802.15.4 (series 1) radios to digimesh mode"?