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Country: United States

  • Any news on this project? How can I drive a missile launcher? Which signals does it need?

  • How can I modify it to support up to 70V?

  • The breakout is out! :-) http://altelectronics.co.uk/shop/arduino/arduino-fsk-rf-shield-315-/-433-92-/-868-/-915-mhz/prod_78.html

  • Please is it possible to know the exact procedure to upload FW 3.0 to Openlog? I see many different methods around depending on FW version! 1) How to connect the pins to an Arduino board to upload FW (?) 1b) How to connect the pins to FTDI board to upload the FW 2) Which board to select in IDE 3) Which files to change in IDE folder (?) 4) Which code to upload depending on bootloader (original/fixed)

  • It would be REALLY cool to know how NewJersey solved this issue 2 years ago! I can't see gibberish in files, they're just empty!

  • DID YOU KNOW? :-)

    If you upload proper firmware to OpenLog, you can use it as a standalone digital logger without any hardware modification: TX and RX are indeed actually digital pins 0 and 1. :-)

    Anyway breaking out an analog pin too would be fine.

    Apart from this, I still can't get this cute thing working, and I can't decode the LEDs code to determine which is the error encountered by firmware, which creates files but does not fill them up with data and does not show any prompt.

  • I did some quick&dirt test with the Openlog, but I'm confused: when I connecy the device with a FAT32 formatted 1gb card (formatted with specific SD formatter tool from Panasonic), one led lights up then turns off, then the blue led lights up and turn off, and so on alternatively, then all leds go off. Upon connecting, bith with Hyperterminal and Arduino IDE (serial monitor), I can't see any prompt, and nothing happens upon sending characters. When I disconnect the device and put the card in a reader, I see several files, but all of them are empty.

    Which is the exact "LEDs sequence" at startup? How can i know what is going wrong?

  • If OpenLog firmware is opensource... why is it distributed in unreadable .cpp.hex format? How can I upload my own firmware to OpenLog in such a way it can work in standalone mode without needing another ATMEGA328 mounted on an arduino board?

  • Being based on same chip of Arduino, can't this device be used in standalone mode to record from digital/analog pins rathe than serial port? Does it write data to files together with data acquisition time? Does it require an external RTC?

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