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  • Hopefully you're still around. I have a 134kHz Homeagain implementable chip which I was hoping to read with this. I was hoping you can share more details of your TI based reader and what you had to do to make it work? In particular, I'm worried about distance since these implantable chips are sooo small. I'm hoping to use it in a cat access control system.

  • They are not "meant" for anything special, but people typically use them to connect power to the posts, and then a wire from the post to the board. This way you don't have long power wires flying around and coming off at the slightest movement.

  • What kind of analog input? Can you describe the surrounding circuit. I think it depends on the current you expect the device to sink/source. What is the meaning of the analog levels, i.e. is it the same as digital level where some range means high and another is low? In any case, you don't need and ADC, if you don't want to connect the analog signal directly to the input, connect the analog signal to a transistor or such and place the transistor output as input to the device.

  • So there are no way to run this circuit with only 3 cables? I.e. using only clk, ser, and Qh to read? So we also need to manipulate SH/LD?

    EDIT: Never mind the question, I didn't think. You don't need ser. So you can run it of clk, Qh, and SH/LD.

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