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  • BTW...I am 33 with 3 kids, and have a BS in Electrical Engineering. I don't DREAM of programming, I merely enjoy it but I am certainly not down with the high and mighty BS you propose, sir.

  • Dear Extra Large Feline,

    You sir, have not explored what people actually DO use and for what purposes. As stated in other comments, actual Engineers (that get paid money) use LABVIEW to design complex systems because, although you are way off base in claiming that these programmers don't want to program in C, they would like to save time. LABVIEW is robust software that enables the user to design, test, and illustrate design ideas quickly while still implementing the code such as conditional commands and complex loop structures. I am excited that you enjoy using C, but don't be quick to judge. I am not proficient in any of the languages I've studied but every one of them, from Assembly to C++, Verilog, AT, as well as VBA and other GUI based command sets-every one of them has there place in making decisions and someone some big money. (decending soapbox)*

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