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  • Has anyone cut off the 'slot header' at the bottom of the board? You can solder wires directly to the traces, pretty much anywhere on the board, so I really don't know why this slot is here (since it's non-standard). Just want to make sure that I'm not going to impact a sub-layer of the PCB if I pull out my hacksaw and chop it off.

    Initial impression of the display: I wish they were a little brighter. In directly sunlight they may be difficult to see. Also, the three mounting holes seem very oddly placed; I would prefer them to be in the corners. And for the slot to not exist. Also, it would be nice if the datasheet actually reflected what was on the board - as another reviewer noted, there's an SMD resistor on the DP trace. I did my own calculations for a resistor based on the datasheet and now find that I have to re-do that.

    I LIKE the product, would buy again, but really wish it was better.