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  • Thanks, I tried sending them an email last week and have not heard back yet...

  • Hello Sparkfun Community,

    So I think I may have screwed up my Quadstepper motor driver board... I had prepared a sketch that could communicate an Arduino Mega controller board to the Quadstepper driver board. I ran the program using an 8 V supply (current limited to 1 A) to the driver board (the lowest end of the input voltage range) and had the output connected to an oscilloscope to monitor the response; since I am trying to run a motor with a very low input impedance, I wanted to test this out first so I didn't burn the motor up. I tried turning the voltage up a little to see the response and at about 15 V, the driver board shorted out. The maximum input voltage is supposed to be 30 V so I'm not sure what went wrong. Now, when I plug the power supply into the board, it limits the voltage to 1.31 V with a current of 808 mA. Do you have any idea what I may have shorted out or how I can troubleshoot it? I am new to these micro controllers so I hope I did not ruin anything. But it seems like a faulty component since I was well under the input limits.

    Let me know if you have any ideas.

    Thanks, Brandon

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