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  • Got it to work, Using hardware serial pin 0,1

    Final Code

  • I managed to get something finally. I stopped using Softwareserial, and instead just used the Pin 0 and 1 on the board, and the hardware serial on the UNO. This way I can't debug it, but I could at least see if it was command transmission issues.

    Now my SD card doesn't have empty jpeg files but it has files around 10-12 KB.

    However, the files are corrupted. There is no picture.

    Any ideas?

    Plus I still don't understand why SoftwareSerial wasn't working!!!

    These are the first few lines from my jpeg using a hex editor plugin in Notepad++

    ff d8 ff fe 12 0b 51 04 51 04 02 02 05 03 03 03 04 05 05 06 06 05 05 05 05 06 07 09 07 06 06 08

    these are the Last few lines from my jpeg

    00 0f 08 04 c4 00 08 04 02 00 01 03 30 63 00 0c 60 17 8d 04 c4 00 08

    notice how it doesn't end with ff d9 like a normal jpeg :(

  • Thanks for the reply,

    This is the code I was using but it doesn't seem to be sending, or more likely receiving returned data from the camera! I don't know if its a code issue or a hardware issue like a bad camera :( I just get empty jpeg file on the SD card. I'm using Arduino Uno Rev3 too with 5V, GND, and pins 4,5 connected to camera using SoftwareSerial [Rx->Tx and Tx->Rx]

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  • hey, will you be able to post your code here? I have been trying to get this camera to work all day, but no success. I'm fairly new to the Arduino platform, and all the libraries and sample codes I found online are outdated, or for the older version of the cam.


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