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  • I don't have the TX/RX hooked up and the lights still go crazzy/nuts and my PC thinks I have disconnected USB.

  • About 6 months ago I ordered/got a RN-XV WiFly Module (WRL-11048) but was busy and until last night had not opened it. with much excitement to make use of WiFi and Arduino I cracked it open and soldering on 4 leads: Pin 1 - Power 3.3, Pin 2 - RX, Pin 3 - TX and Pin 10 GND... no problem easy enough with soldering paste, helping hands and a magnifier.

    I weird it up to the Arduino and upon powering it I see my RX/TX LED's go nuts and my PC thinks I have disconnected the USB. I inspect the soldering job with microscope and things look just fine..

    NOTE: I do not need to connect the rx/tx to make it go nuts, Only ground and 3.3 power.

    Any ideas here as to why my RX/TX LED would go crazy..

    Some pics of the leads/soldering job and wire up. - ( Leads) - - (Wire up)-

    Thanks for any help on this!

  • So how big is the leap form this to making a plasma cutter?..
    - Blasting air with an air compressor past one of the tips and connecting the other tip's lead to a sheet of mettle?

  • Woooohooo! Can't wait for for the Maker Fair and to see you guys there, Its like a big party of Productive fun and learning good times!!!
    P.S. Some are predicting judgment day on Friday May 21st the day before Maker Fair opens... No fear, this is not NOT "The end of the world" just judgment day. So if it happens Maker Fair can continue, but you may want to bring some extra solder, snacks and anything that could help fend off zombies.

  • If you were a Robot SparkFun would be your Porn site.
    ?Anyone else?
    - If you were a Robot SparkFun would be your ?
    - Me and my Robot hit SparkFun for the best ?
    ~sorry if some find comparing SparkFun to porn degrading but hay it's HOT stuff!

  • Last night during Geek Night we where hacking away at this and was not sure of what RAW Voltage meant..
    My thoughts where to tap the batteries but would hate to fry such a nice board for lack of asking first.
    Have a look at this image to see what we mean by tap the batteries
    Thanks for any help?

  • No luck but still Love SparkFun and it will be fun to hear of what happend in the SparkFun office today...
    Only odd thing for me was when I logged in I had 5 items in my cart.. when i hit chekout my cart was empty, oh well.

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