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  • Phew there is some major back and forthing on whether this can be used to hook up to an UNO/Mega to uplad sketches. One guy has a pro set up but his diagram doesn’t make sense and it requires software changes in the IDE. Does anyone have an image showing how to do this? Summarising what I have read, can anyone check to see if this is right? My board arrives in a few days and I’ll probably let the smoke out :)

    BlueSMiRF Vcc --> Arduino 5v (on the power jumper)
    BlueSMiRF GND --> Arduino GND (on the power jumper)
    BlueSMiRF RTS-O --> Arduino Reset (on the power jumper)
    BlueSMiRF TX-O --> Arduino RX (Pin D0)
    BlueSMiRF RX-I --> Arduino TX (Pin D1)

    Anyone know if this is right? anyone done this? anyone got a diagram?

    I have had a look at the datasheet and the DTR signal is not broken out onto the board, so I don’t think the RTS line thing will work.

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