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  • Is it possible to update the PCB to provide access to one (or more) of the ATMega328 ADC Pins? That way this could be used as a Voltage Data Logger as well as a Serial Data Logger? Or do you guys have another device that could do that?

  • What is the Output Impedance of this? Will it work if connected directly to a PC Soundcard? How about the Electret Microphone itself?

  • Good to hear that Sparkfun employees, and those with a direct connection got $100k worth of free stuff for themselves and their friends. Those of us who are actual customers got shafted though. As someone who contributed a lot to your great 2009; Thanks for nothing, literally, not to say I was suprsied. How about next time you use a method that's actually fair, instead of this retared mass DDoS joke?

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