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  • It is always best to consider the following: Look up the default combination for the lock type. Try that. If it doesn't work, try variations on typical combos: 10-20-30, 36-24-36, 50-0, 50-25-50, 25-50-25. etc. That may get you open long before the autodialer would. sells professional equipment to do this type of work Dialing it in mechanically is a fun exercise, most locksmiths would look in a manual on where to cut to disable the bolt mechanism but that usually leaves the safe unusable unless you consider using a small hole and a borescope, more finesse there. If things are set to be autodialed, I say 38 hours, 20-40-60.

  • Please describe the wifi card and antennas you chose. It seems that the wifi library is only set to work with two official Intel cards from an Intel forum post.

  • Really, I have to promote ElectriCute on video? Ok, but I'm NOT wearing the fairy dress.

  • Behind the scenes for the 2013 remake of the Wizard of Oz, we have Dorothy about to sing "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

  • A diode is like a water valve that allows liquid to flow in one direction but prevents it from flowing back the other direction. Much like one that may be found on a sewage system to allow sewage to leave a building but not for sewage to back up from the sewer back into the building (ewww!).

  • The current output of a transistor (from collector to emitter) given a base current can be thought of as a little man inside watching the small base current and turning a knob to allow a collector to emitter current propotional (and larger than) the change in the base current.

  • As DC current goes through an inductance like a motor or other coiled wire, it builds up magnetic flux, a form of potential energy, which will collapse the opposite way when the DC current is removed. The analogy is lifting a weight creates the potential energybetween the ground and the weight which, when you release your hand, causes the weight to drop back to the floor. To ensure this stored energy does not hurt your electronics in undesirable ways, adding a diode across the coil, allowing the collapsing flux energy to go back to the coil and not your electronics, is controlling the fall of the weight, rather than it going in a crazy direction like landing on your foot (ouch!).

  • I am Nomad. There is biological infestation of the Promotions Department. It will be sterilized.

  • I can has Lab Pack

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