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  • Easy kit to build, using a magnifying glass lamp - the kind with a circular fluorescent light made identifying the 'beveled' edge of the segmented LED's easy, the bussed resistors --well, I had to verify those with a hand held volt/ohm meter where the Pin 1 location was, after that all went together 1st time with no hitches...which is usually the case, because I am awesome (just seeing if anyone actually reads these posts here)...BTW- anyone know where there are perhaps follow-up projects with these bar-graphed segmented LED's ? where I could build something akin to an evil scientist, cool LED thingy ??

    I feel like I order the Spark Fun kits and other assorted items, I build them and then..well they just sit there, so I order another item(s)....and just keep building things, but using existing code that someone else coded -= well I need to become more proficient at writing code that actually works and does something. Is there a consensus of what the 'best' book is out there for making amazing LED Arduino things ??

    What I really want to do is this - use this segmented LED bar graph to show the kW and Volts from a Modbus power meter, and heck...I have been working on making such said item and it's been not easy. Anyone know where I can post a 'contract' job to pay someone to take my idea and make it happen ? I will pay them decently for the work to be done.

    Cheers, Merlin

  • This would be nice to use for making an Arduino based Modbus master device to query a Modbus power meter, shouldn't be to hard to do - right ?

  • Greetings, I have personally tested these units at 12+ miles - but, this was LOS (line of sight) where as the Fresnel zone, the football shaped thingy was well shaped to accommodate blasting a RS-485 (Modbus) signal to another Xtend radio, these were all part of a large mesh network of devices. These are power hungry and will use a full 1 AMP @ 12VDC for maximum transmit power. You have to use an AT command to set this btw. - That 12+ miles was utilizing high up hill tops and ridgelines too, so it was easy to keep that signal clear.