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  • Basically, the printed letter "R" is next to the Green pair, then the Blue pair is in the middle, and the side that has the printed "+" and "-" are the Red pair.

    Obviously the + side (anode) goes to +, and the - (cathode) goes to your - side.

    So one side:

    ("R") G B R ("-") these are all the cathode pins for each color Green Blue Red

    Other side:

    ("R") G B R ("+") these are all the anode pins for each color Green Blue Red.

    These LED's are awesome, but some of the ones I have got lately have had bad solder joints on the LED itself to the little tiny heat sink / board they come mounted on, so have had to re solder a few.

    Hope this was of help!

  • Anyone know when these will be back in stock? I need about 15 of them!

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