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  • Product SEN-09299 | last year

    Turns out datasheets tell a lot - by the look of the schematic, it does in fact have a regulator internally.

  • Product SEN-09299 | last year

    I’m pretty novice about all this - but it isn’t clear to me how much voltage to pump through this part. The datasheet says 5v output, but input goes all the way up to 17v? Does this thing regulate voltage by itself?

  • Product COM-09939 | about a year ago

    I’m confused by the datasheet and have a couple of questions. First, can I freely turn the knob as many rotations as I want in any given direction? Second, if I can indeed rotate it however I wish, will it always give the same reading when pointed at the same angle? ie, will it always read X when pointed at 90 degrees, regardless of how many rotations I’ve put it through?

  • Product SEN-10289 | about 2 years ago

    Have to agree. The thing twitches like mad, and I can’t get it to be consistently on or off, even if it’s fully inverted. Debouncing code doesn’t get reliable results either.

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