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  • I can connect from windows 7 with a virtual COM port, but I can't do anything with android, I tried with two different phones, one is rooted , the other isn't, and neither works, you can see my data in another comment below. I already filled a report in roving networks tech support page.. I'm waiting for them to answer. This is really annoying, considering that I managed to get everything working, but not with Android+SPP which was my original goal.. I just bought the HID version to have more flexibility.

  • Hello, I bought a RN-42 bluetooth module with HID enabled firmware from sparkfun: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10823

    Everything works fine with the default configuration, I can discover, pair, and send data to my android 2.3 phone. The UART port also works and I can enter command mode using arduino with a 9600 baud setting. The problem comes when I want to use the SPP profile (S~,0 followed by R,1), I can discover the device but can't pair with it anymore.

    Hardware settings: VCC/GND connected to arduino 3.3 VCC RX,TX connected to arduino ports (5v) using a voltage divider with 20k and 10k resistors for the RX pin as suggested in the documentation pdf. PIO7 set to HIGH (to force 9600 baud rate) PIO8,PIO5,PIO2, connected to several leds.

    Firmware settings (command followed by output):

    ==> D: Settings BTA=000666450B21 BTName=aparato-0B21 Baudrt(SW4)=9600 Parity=None Mode =DTR Authen=0 Encryp=0 PinCod=14Bd= mA9BF

    ==> E: ADVANCED Settings SrvName= SPP SrvClass=0000 DevClass=1F00 InqWindw=0060 PagWindw=0060 CfgTimer=25 turU da= Rm= ya=

    ==> M: 8000

    ==> O: OTHER Settings Profile= SPP CfgChar= $ SniffEna=0 LowPower=0 TX Power=0 IOPorts= 0 IOValues=0 bM= lc0

    ==> GK: 0,0,0

    ==> G&: 80

    ==> V: Ver 6.03 HID 06/06/11 (c) Roving Networks

    ==> G~: 0

    ==> GZ: ERR

    ==> GX: 0

    ==> GU: (0) raw

    ==> GT: 255

    ==> GM: DTR

    ==> GI: 0060

    ==> GJ: 0060

    ==> GE: 0

    ==> GA: 0

    Of the above settings I tried without luck the following: - Change authentication to 1 (SA,1) - Change mode to slave (SM,0) - Change configuration timer to 60 (ST,60) - Changing the device name - PIO7 left open (112500 baud rate)

    I also tried to connect to the phone from the module doing an Inquiry scan and then using the C command but It doesn't work:

    ==> I: Inquiry, COD=0 Found 2 64A7694EB13F,HTC Desire,5A020C 48DCFBD21978,Nokia E5-00eva,5A020C Inquiry Done

    ==> C, 64A7694EB13F TRYING CONNECT failed

    After all of this I did a configuration reset with SF,1 command.

    LEDS: when in HID mode the status led blinks at 1Hz at power up, 10Hz in command mode, and gets disconnected when paired (the other led lights up). when in SPP mode it blinks at 2hz forever except in command mode (10hz). When I change the configuration timer to 60s it does blink at 2hz for 60 seconds and then 1Hz. The rx/tx led seems to work right.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Can I use this with an european 220 to 110 VAC / -40w- adapter? I think I can but I'm not sure.

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