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  • Do all of the ADCs work with the Arduino IDE? As in all A0-A13, not just A0-A5.

  • The datasheet says that there should be another 10uf Cap on the VCC of the TB6612FNG. Is there a reason you guys omitted this one?

  • If you guys are interested in building a balancing robot, I have put together a kit that uses many of SparkFun’s components boards for easy soldering. Its called the PIDDYBOT and he is completely open source and ready to be built by you! You use 3 pots on the front of him to tune the system until it balances. There is bluetooth available as well. The code is pretty sloppy but it works. The body is 3D printed. Here is a link to a revised version I have made.


    Keep an eye out for a KickStarter. There will be a more refined version in the future that includes encoders and a much more solid circuit board platform. I’m aiming the bot as a development tool for children to have a fun way to learn about different control theories. My university has built a number of these as a demo for when younger students come in to learn about our school and what they are potentially getting into. There are also a number of maker spaces that are going to be using them as a workshop as well.

    Happy Hacking! Be sure to tweet or tag #PIDDYBOT if you post any videos or images of your builds on the internet. I love seeing them!

    Check out my twitter for a sneak peak at the latest balancing bot I’m building. https://twitter.com/IHPArchives Those who love tiny remote control bots will love this… Be sure to follow for updates, it will be release open source as well once proven it works.

  • Is there going to be a schematic for this available? Or at least let us know what the chip is for the ECG and all that, I’m in need of a good ECG circuit but not looking for the whole kit, just a little too much for the project its going into.

  • Hey guys, I’m just wondering why this 9DOF is $15 cheaper than the IMU Digital Combo board 6DOF? I could have sworn it was more money before… https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10121

    This has extra components and does more.

  • Will this device output power even when a battery is not connected?

    I just got one of these and the smallest Li-Po battery SparkFun has. Anyway I had it working when I first got it, put it in a box for a couple weeks, but left the battery connected(bad idea?), now when I give it power – 5V, I get 0.06V on the battery side. Is it the battery or booster thats broken? Did I break the battery by leaving it connected to this device?

  • Hmm, I assumed I would be receiving 5 of these when I ordered a quantity of 1. Maybe I was optimistic in understanding the description but I only received a single item, not a strip of 5. Was I supposed to order 5?

    “Sold as a cut-tape of 5 Pieces.”

  • “If you do not mind, there is an oil can in my cabin. If you would grab that and oil my joints, I would forget all about Toto peeing on me.”

  • Signed up, ready to rock! I hope our vehicle is finished in time!

  • Or is it? It can’t really say for sure…