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  • Product DEV-12750 | about 6 days ago

    Is there going to be a schematic for this available? Or at least let us know what the chip is for the ECG and all that, I’m in need of a good ECG circuit but not looking for the whole kit, just a little too much for the project its going into.

  • Product SEN-10724 | about 3 months ago

    Hey guys, I’m just wondering why this 9DOF is $15 cheaper than the IMU Digital Combo board 6DOF? I could have sworn it was more money before… https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10121

    This has extra components and does more.

  • Product PRT-10255 | about 10 months ago

    Will this device output power even when a battery is not connected?

    I just got one of these and the smallest Li-Po battery SparkFun has. Anyway I had it working when I first got it, put it in a box for a couple weeks, but left the battery connected(bad idea?), now when I give it power – 5V, I get 0.06V on the battery side. Is it the battery or booster thats broken? Did I break the battery by leaving it connected to this device?

  • Product COM-00588 | about 11 months ago

    Hmm, I assumed I would be receiving 5 of these when I ordered a quantity of 1. Maybe I was optimistic in understanding the description but I only received a single item, not a strip of 5. Was I supposed to order 5?

    “Sold as a cut-tape of 5 Pieces.”

  • News - Your April Caption Contes… | last year

    “If you do not mind, there is an oil can in my cabin. If you would grab that and oil my joints, I would forget all about Toto peeing on me.”

  • News - Full AVC Details and Cour… | about a year ago

    Signed up, ready to rock! I hope our vehicle is finished in time!

  • News - New Product Friday: Shaki… | about a year ago

    Or is it? It can’t really say for sure…

  • Product GPS-08975 | about a year ago

    I fixed it… Found that it was sending the info faster than the arduino could read, so it was skipping over the $GPRMC. This is what I changed:

    In NewSoftSerial.h: NewSS_MAX_RX_BUFF 64 to NewSS_MAX_RX_BUFF 256

    Now it works perfectly. Will this cause any issues?

  • Product GPS-08975 | about a year ago

    I’ve just been messing with this thing and having a lot of fun. But I first realized I was not getting any speed data(TinyGPS). I looked into it further and found that I only ever receive GPGGA but never have I seen GPRMC. TinyGPS only sends out speed when you have a $GPRMC signal. Are there settings I’m not seeing?

  • Custom Page - every_day_free_day | about a year ago

    Did this really happen?

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