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  • this might be a longshot... but is there a way to transfer a file (or read the data from a 'TXT' file) from the microSD shield to a headless raspberry pi (without removing card, etc)?

  • thanks for the note - i was very careful this time to make sure all connections are tight and sound, but still no communication. any ideas on another way to test the integrity of the camera/ports that doesn't rely on my lack of serial-interface knowledge?

  • after a lot of trial and error with trying to interface with uno (and arduino 2.0), i finally did a direct serial connection to a PC and used their software and followed linksprite's testing instructions. however, the camera does not seem to be communicating back... when i start up the X-CTU software as in Step 6.2 in their manual, it receives some HEX code, but the return text is garbled... With Step 6.4 - i send HEX commands OK (i see appropriate blue text), but, i get no response (i see no red text). Needless to say, while the COM port detection is fine with both pieces of software, i cannot see any snapshots in the LS-Y201 softweare either, so there is no evidence of the PC receiving data.

    Any ideas on what I am missing? Could it be I fried the camera somewhere along the way?

  • Yep, same problem here... any solutions yet?

  • Anybody tried this on small rodents (e.g., clipping to ear to read heart rate; this is for a research lab)?

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