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  • Pre-assembled printers are expensive, but printers with virtually identical print quality can be made for far less. I built a WolfStrap (wooden RepRap derivative) for about $400, which I think is certainly in the reach of a hobbyist. Plus, I think building the thing is actually more educational than anything you could really print with it. A tutorial would be cool, though probably somewhat redundant, given the amount of information on the rewrap wiki. The real problem is finding that information, since it is organized rather poorly. Maybe, instead of a tutorial, a curated list of resources for those attempting their own build?

  • Stephen Wozniak mentions doing just this in his bio. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well now with most TVs being cable. Ah, progress! Why must you take away all our best pranks?

  • This one would be tough to build, but I think doable. Replace a coworker's mouse with a dummy that looks the same. The dummy has a built in IR proximity sensor to detect when the coworker reaches for it. When their hand is a couple inches away, engage a small motor underneath the mouse to make it drive out from under their hand and off the desk. The USB cable would have to be faked so that it looked attached, but actually wasn't. The main trick here would be the camoflage of the dummy mouse.

  • Bob likes to just reel off those selfies, picking and placing them on his Instagram.

  • On a completely unrelated note, I noticed just today that your website is entirely retina display compatible on my MacBook Pro. Previously, only the logo was blurry. From someone rather obsessed with things like this, thanks! Hopefully I don't creep out your web dev people by stalking them too closely.

  • When the window is skinny (namely on my iPad), the sparkfun logo gets pushed directly up against the side of the window, which looks bad and unbalanced. I would suggest a 5-10px left margin on the header so the logo is slightly spaced out.

  • In the future, could you do these sorts of quick-sell promos in the evening or on weekends. I was at my High School at noon, and our firewall blocks your website (e-commerce, and the fact that our firewall is completely ridiculous). Also, was there a cushion in that dumpster, or does Dave have indestructible bones?

  • Flexible keyboard. Use capactive plates, or spectra symbol's force sensitive resistors. That way, there would be no non-flexible components. The keyboard could then be stuck to non-traditional or non-flat surfaces to act as an input device. As some others have mentioned, one idea could be a wristwatch with buttons all around it. A soft pot could also be used. Slide your finger around your watch to activate different functions or adjust the time. For something that could be used in a variety of projects, I would suggest a flexible version of the capacitive number pad.

  • What is the rotary encoder used? Does SparkFun stock it? I have been unable to find a decent simple panel mount rotary encoder.