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  • Ah only just saw your last reply, thanks for your help again! i guess ill just have to wait till the new one arrives until i can test it out.


  • who decided to design the charge potentiometer with a shitty plastic head? after two attempts at turning it the thread is completely destroyed, gotta fork out £40 for a new one now… ffs!!!! any way to fix this? bodge jobs welcome!

  • yeah i thought as much. how about the power lines on each component, can i wire them all to get power straight from the car battery? rather than take them all through the ioio.

    I noticed the ioio was getting pretty hot when simply powered from the 9v to the VIN/gnd. Any better way of doing this?

    Thanks for your help :)

  • ok thankyou, i am pretty new to ioio programming and electronics in general. I have a tamiya lunchbox RC car which i wish to control via the ioio. Ive got a servo with red, black & orange wires coming from it, an ESC which has a connection from the main car battery, green/blue wires coming from it to drive the motor, another connector with red/black wires, and another coming out of it with white/red and black wires (to take input from the reciever (which i do not have) and a switch.

    What is the best way to link all of this up with the ioio without frying the shit out of it? ive got a separate 9v battery to power the ioio board. Any help would again be hugely appreciated as i am a bit of a n00b! :) cheers

    EDIT: if anyone would be able to talk me through some of this over skype etc. I would be eternally grateful!!!

  • okay ive been trying to get this so work for hours now, and every time i import into eclipse i get the same error before i even do anything. which is that the IOIOlib project has no ‘gen’ folder. ive tried every single download and the same problem persists with each one. I see on the image in the tutorial that it is supposed to have a gen folder. any way of getting around this??? ANY help from anybody would be HUGELY appreciated! thanks

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