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  • Thanks Mike i do appreciate the reply. I have read Nate’s tutorial quite a few times as well as many others including ladyala but none mention this SJ even the tronixx one that uses the sparkfun board and to not see it once mentioned on any of the shield board comment pages, including retired boards, made me doubt myself.

    Thats why i was so confused, i guess all those tuts are that old… So just solder that bridge and it “should” try to wireless upload. I understand its not 100%.

  • What does SJ2 do on the schematic?? Its mentioned no where, does it enable wireless resets to allow sketch uploading?

  • I purchased this through a retail location with the hope of being able to wireless upload sketches, i know its possible although it according to the sites i read you need to add a capacitor to the receiver to enable wireless resets and solder a connection on the explorer, which is all fine….

    But then i look at the schematic for the shield and i notice SJ2, which routes D03 to a .1uF cap then to reset. Why is there no explanation of this anywhere????? And trust me i’ve looked everywhere.

    Can someone please verify what Solder Joint 2 does?

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