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  • Does anyone know if this shield is compatible with the CAN BUS shield? Has anyone successfully made this combination work, if so did it require any pin-out or software changes? I’m hoping to be able to connect to the Arduino over WIFI. Would this combination allow me to be able to transit/receive the CAN BUS comms directly from the IP address of the Arduino? If this will work, do I need to purchase the UNO or MEGA for this application?

  • Let me start by saying that I’m new to this scene, and I’m presently just trying to verify compatibility to make sure that I purchase a product that is capable of meeting my expectations.

    I’m currently looking for a device to communicate with a SEVCON GEN4 Controller ( As a bonus, I also hope to be able to communicate with my NMEA 2000 Garmin 17x GPS receiver ( .

    I’m considering using an arduino with CAN-BUS shield, and eventually also adding in an ethernet shield. I was wondering if anyone has used this product to communicate with a SEVCON GEN4 controller, or NMEA 2000 marine equipment ( Should I buy the UNO or MEGA? Does anyone know if the CAN-BUS shield is compatible with the ethernet shield? I hope to to eventually be able to move all the comms between my controller/GPS and my laptop from the direct USB connection to WIFI…

    I appreciate the time anyone chooses to take to answer my questions!

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