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  • Care about something?

    Create a solution.

    • put it on your calendar

    • recruit girlfriend/buddy/boyfriend to help

    Involve them in the whole process

    • Brainstorm. Assume that all ideas are good

    • Sketch — pen and paper rules


    • What you can do over a weekend? And what will you save for a future revision?

    • Vote on what you can reasonably accomplish


    • Put the implementation weekend on your calendars

    • Shop

    • Make!

    • Show it off!

    Everyone has a KickStarter- or Indieogo-worthy idea.

  • Oh darn! I missed it! I look forward to the next one, srsly. In the meantime, here’s an amusing take on Dumpster divers from the folks at Portlandia: Portlandia Dumpster Divers clip

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