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  • "PrintrBoard"

    There. I needed to leave the keyword because there is a gap in the documentation on how to get the Marlin firmware compiled before uploading it to the PrintrBoard with dfu-programmer. However, follow the documentation and install the module for the AT90USB1286 Arduino from PJRC.com and then compile and verify. If you don't know where your .hex file ends up, look for "~/.arduino/preferences.txt" and add a "build.path={add-relative-path-here}".

    Now I'm curious if I could make a Printrboard by using this Teensy.

  • Interesting idea, but two things:

    1: The resolution will make the projector have an extremely low pixel density. If you have a small, color cell phone from the early 2000s, look at it through a magnifying glass, and you'll see what I mean. 2: It's an OLED display, which does active emissive as opposed to filtered transmissive of the LCD. The only way you'll be able to make a projector out of this screen is by putting a magnifying glass in front of it and projecting an up-side down image on a wall. For examples, look up "Box Projector" on Youtube.

  • What about the need for one-to-many connections, since Wixel is only one-to-one pairing? Doesn't a Zigbee module allow more than one to connect to it?

  • In terms of those SMT resistors... is there a size code available, or are the pads large enough and the gap small enough to accommodate most 1/8-1/4W packages?

  • Oops... sorry. I figured it out. The permissions on the serial port required "dialout" group, which I removed myself from. I thought that being allowed to "Connect to the Internet using a modem" was a quaint, but silly permission. Little did I know that would stop me from talking to all serial devices...

  • This FTDI module seems to run great in Ubuntu 11.04 (using 'cat' and 'echo' with tx/rx bridged) but when I run minicom, the module stops working until my computer is rebooted. So the lesson for now is to not use minicom to test the loopback. Anyone else encounter this problem?

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