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  • Looks like a great little device except for the shutdown while charging: 7.1.4 The output will be shut down automatically under charging status. (from the data sheet)

  • Does sparkfun sell a mating connector to this? (3 pin female 0.100" keyed with latch) seems to be similar to the retired 4-pin part# PRT-11182. The LED strip I just received has this connector which is not a JST PRT-09915 mate. How about a vendor and series name to find this connector elsewhere? Thanks

    FOUND THEM at ebay from yongqinghuang "5 pairs of 3 pin JST SM connectors for WS2811 WS2812B LED strips" ships from US, regular mail 5 days to get to me from order.

  • Is it washable?

  • I am using this board with the Ethernet Arduino (not shield, The SS for the SD card on pin#4 conflicts with the GPS TX. So I pulled out the header pin and hardwired #4 to #9 on the Weather Shield. Works fine.

  • SPARKFUN - Tested Tough

  • Newton was right - "Action - Re-Action" (don't try this at home)

  • Brain freeze the units are good. I mistook psi for in" of HG when comparing. (I wish we would just move on to SI units like the rest of the world) Ken

  • Cool Board, I am having fun with it so far. Working to make it solar powered and log to a SD card to "duct-tape" to a hang glider.

    I am getting a nonsensical value out from the pressure sensor. 94967.75 What units are these? The data sheet claims Pascals. I am at about 610m. The altitude reported is 548m (in altitude mode). This is much closer than the pressure value reported yet is not corrected to known weather pressure conditions. Raw pressure would be more useful to me in my application.

    The values change with altitude with sensitivity that seems to be within the 30cm.

    Thanks for any comments or ideas Ken

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