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  • From my experience (and according to one review, I'm not alone), the silkscreen and hookup guide incorrectly state that the Serial pins are TX/RX = 16/17. On my board it is TX/RX = 17/16.

  • Have you guys been able to use I2C without the capacitor? And if not, do you carry a capacitor that would be suitable? I was really hoping they'd get rid of that on V3.

  • Love these boards, however I've lost 3 of them due to the micro-USB connector coming off. Is there any way you can secure the connector better so I don't have to epoxy them before they break?

  • Nope, same chip, 638. Using the same code. I'll see what I can do with the configuration software.

  • The binary commands should be the same for this and your other Venus GPS (GPS-10920), right? I've got everything working on the other one, but with this one I can't get the baud to change using the same binary command.

  • You don't have to hit 88 mph to go back in time.

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