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  • Instructions to get this working with Arduino 1.5.4. May or may not work with higher versions.

    1. Plug in the 3.3v version of the SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout to the 3.3v Mega Pro board. It can only go in one way.

    2. Download the Board Definition file for Arduino 1.0.

    3. Unzip.

    4. Copy the mega-pro-3.3V directory into the IDE's Java/hardware/arduino directory. NOTE: On OSX, you have to right-click on the Arduino application, select "Show Package Contents", and go to the Contents/Resources directory. There you will find the Java directory, and you can proceed.

    5. Copy the platform.txt and programmers.txt files from Java/hardware/arduino/avr to Java/hardware/arduino/mega-pro-3.3V.

    6. Edit the Java/hardware/arduino/mega-pro-3.3V/boards.txt file as follows:

    Add the line


    just above the line mega2560v.upload.protocol=stk500v2.

    Add the line


    just above the line mega2560v.bootloader.low_fuses=0xE2.

    1. Restart the IDE (if you had it open). You should now be able to select Tools > Board > Mega Pro 2560 3.3V. Verify everything works with the Blink program as described under the "Launch and Blink" section here: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/installing-arduino-ide

    2. Rejoice in the blinking of the light.

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