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  • Wow, who knew shipping would generate this much interest? I'll just toss in one thought, which you probably already thought of--having lived overseas a couple years, I know how much fun it is to fill out the customs forms, and how much time it adds. Is there a sweet spot on international shipping/APO/FPO that makes it worth that time? (I always bundled just because it seemed silly to fill out forms for one part. At least that's what I told myself.)

  • Just struggled with this for several days--if the serial device has the DB-9 plug, then it's at RS-232 level. That makes it the computer (DTE) for the purpose of this shifter. The Arduino/Netduino at TTL level is the modem (DCE). Or, I've completely lost my mind, which is quite possible at this point.

  • I'm wondering if UART dyslexia only applies to the pins, or whether the condition also includes an inability to figure out which side is the computer, and which side is the modem? After several days of troubleshooting, it finally occurred to me that the sensor I'm using can connect directly to a computer...which means it's at RS-232 level...which means when I connect it to the TTL Netduino, the sensor is the computer, and the Netduino is the modem. No wonder it works, now!

  • Using Eagle version 6.2.0 Light, there seems to be an error in the board layout file (line 1, column 2, Start tag expected).

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