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  • nice hobby sensor … probably not ideal for large commercial applications or sensors that will stay in the ground for many years … but for 5 bucks you probably cant beat it … most of the commercial ag sensors run in the hundreds (although I suppose you get better accuracy for that extra money, and support, and less corrosion, or replacements in the event of corrosion) Decagon sensors are very nice … but cost alot more… (this looks like it was maybe based off of Decagons 10HS sensor)

  • The heating element burned out after using it like 20 times … at least I think thats the problem … it just never reaches temperature (It gets hot (ish), just not enough to melt the solder,(or make the led blink)) … fairly disappointed . I was pretty happy with it before that … does anyone know where to buy a new heating element? and what type to buy? in the mean time I guess its back to my 10.00 radioshack iron that I have used far more and still works fine

  • the power on this thing was very spotty … further investigation showed that only one of the legs from the barrel jack is attached to the pads. can I just solder this connector with a normal soldering iron and solder? I dont have a SMT setup…

  • I found these to work great with an arduino (AVR Atmega328) … however I cant get it to work reliably with an uno32(pic32 processor) … you may just be using a chip thats too fast or something … it wouldnt matter howlong I debounced stuff for I could not get it to work reliably with the pic32

  • do these fit standard 2x5 ribbon crimps?

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