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  • He was last seen debugging the USB driver before the nuclear device accidently detonated.

  • Being 'anal' doesn't make it right. All I was saying is to examine the process. I live in the medical equipment world, that's anal to the nth degree and for most of the time its for the 1 in a billion chance. If we want to be anal, don't drive a car, don't fly, we can watch Fox News and live in a world of fear, rather than a world of processes that make sense and are, in fact, safer. Examining 100 packages a day will miss many more faults than selectively finding the high risk ones. (BTW, its my career to look at processes and optimize them. People have the best of intentions but end up destroying businesses (not Sparkfun though, its too good) In the medical world we call them the anti-business group). Big companies ship daily such as Mouser, Newark, Digi....due to selective review, not just the easy to blame Chinese ones.

  • So why is Sparkfun the only supplier who is spending 2+ days on every package? (Every order has been min 2 days for me.) Other suppliers have come up with processes that only deal with the exceptions (more that 1 battery, etc) rather than every order.

  • Before I start, I want to say Sparkfun is a great company, has fantastic people and a great resource for products and information. But I just can't figure out why if the shipping of Li batteries is, for example, the US, the package is labeled the same way every time, is shipped UPS ground, etc. then why does a special process needed? If its international, then a special process is needed probably. When the steps are the same, the restrictions are placed in the ordering process, what else does the extra step do? Keep someone employed? Do you not trust the shipping people?

  • Ha ha ha, thats the worst joke I've ever seen!! But still its original ;)

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