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  • You should really add this github link to the documents of this page https://github.com/jenschr/Arduino-libraries/blob/master/ADXL345/examples/ADXL345_no_library/BareBones_ADXL345.pde

    Works for me, remember to set the baud rate people ^^

  • Its been two months and i've had zero help on the problems regarding the arduino sample code... Why is it throwing out errors when i try to compile the script?

  • Updated arduino sketch files please for mega2560R3? Otherwise the documents are pointless for people buying these products..

  • I'm having a problem with this? in arduino it says:

    class ADXL345 has no member names read_accel class ADXL345 has no member named set_bw

    even though it's plainly obvious it's there in the cpp boolean ADXL345::set_bw(byte bw_code)

    Can anyone shed any light as to why these arduino tutorials don't work as they're supposed to?

  • Can you provide me with the links to the parts? some of the parts in the diagram are confusing me, i'd rather have someone with much more of an understanding of electronics to help me out, thanks robert

  • I cannot find where to buy this device i've looked for it everywhere, out of stock for months now

  • This cable does not work with the ps2 keycounter like it says it does..

  • Aparently it's much more complicated with arduino, i purchased the arduino mega almost a week ago and you have to reburn the bootloader with the hid capabilities which removes all ability to reprogram the arduino through the usb which means you have to use an avr programmer which is absolutely not what i was looking for.

  • Sorry if this is a stupid question but i have the avr programmer driver installed n everthing but i have a question

    How do i burn the arduino mega 2560 bootloader back to the arduino using winavr just incase i modify the bootloader?

  • thanks for being prompt, i just ordered around £100 of stuff to play with

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