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  • what's the little piece of adhesive foam for?

    is it the "double-sided sticky tape" that you refer to for mounting the module to the board?

  • ahh... you're getting this stuff from servo city?

  • might you please explain, or sell separately, the "potentiometer/feedback" shaft as seen here and in your videos?

    thank you!

  • lol - that looked a lot better when I pasted it!!!

  • as opposed to the example above, here's some code that will get this working right-away in true quadrature fashion. [model #E6A2-CW3C]

    sorry if it is wrong to post this here, but it's free to the world, have spark-fun!

    // code start
    [put pound sign here!]include "digitalWriteFast.h" // google this and install it
    const byte pin_A =  2; // connect white wire here
    const byte pin_B =  3; // connect black wire here
    int A_set =         0;
    int B_set =         0;
    long pulses =       0;
    void setup()
      pinMode(pin_A, INPUT);
      digitalWrite(pin_A, HIGH); // enables pull-up resistor
      pinMode(pin_B, INPUT);
      digitalWrite(pin_B, HIGH); // enables pull-up resistor  
      A_set = digitalRead(pin_A);
      B_set = digitalRead(pin_B);
      attachInterrupt(0, encoderPinChange_A, CHANGE); // pin 2
      attachInterrupt(1, encoderPinChange_B, CHANGE); // pin 3
    void loop()
    void encoderPinChange_A()
      A_set = digitalReadFast2(pin_A) == HIGH;
      pulses += (A_set != B_set) ? +1 : -1;
    void encoderPinChange_B()
      B_set = digitalReadFast2(pin_B) == HIGH;
      pulses += (A_set == B_set) ? +1 : -1;
  • I've had great success in narrowing the gap on these simply by gluing a piece of tubing on the LED side, the transistor side... or both.

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