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  • I was totally wrong - all you should do to make it work its go to command mode of your adapter (see Roving Network Module Command Set in Documents) and configure it: send $$$ (response:CMD[CRLF]), then send D[CR] and look at Baudrt to see what your communication rate is. Check if it is the same as your Roomba’s rate: 9600 - first generation; 57600 - 4xx, 4xxx, iRobot Create; 115200 - 5xx, 7xx.

    If not, you should change it by sending SU,[rate][CR] command. Possible [rate] values for iRobot are: 9600, 57.6, 115K. Then do reset R,1[CR], response will be Reboot![CRLF]. After you reconnect, you can start sending commands to Roomba and should work fine.

    Hope this helps somebody who will stuck as I am.

  • Hello,

    I just received RooTooth (bought via distibutor -, in anticipation of fun connected it via RealTerm on 115200, and.. nothing! :( Just 128 131 137 1 starts Roomba’s spot cleaning. (I know it is not correct command, but it works). After a little googling I found that a lot of people have the same trouble but no solution was proposed. One thing that I found, seems like pinout was changed! If you open pinout of 500 series: (on page 3)

    and open pinout of RooTooth: (on page 3, too)

    and compare them - you will see the differences. For now I can’t test this, but if someone can - could you please write down here a note if it will work?

    Or, may be I’m wrong? Any help will be appreciated!

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