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  • Has anyone killed one yet? After about two weeks of printing a Twitter feed the printing is light and the paper isn’t feeding properly. It also seems to lose some lines. I added a bunch of delays, but it still acts funny. I certainly got the goodie out of it, not complaining, just wondered if this is an expected failure mode, or if I handled it poorly.

  • Don’t forget that SparkFun sells our Bus Pirate and is a Logic Sniffer distributor too!

  • You might check the voltage to the PIC (measure between the +3v3 and GND pins on the 5-pin ICSP header, it should be 3.3volts. The prototype I received had a 5volt regulator for the PIC (VR2, 24FJ64GA002 is 3v3 max), that could account for the additional offset in the Bus Pirate voltage monitor.

  • Hey guys, I’m Ian, I develop the Bus Pirate. Thank you for buying one from Seeed Studio, those sales made it possible to develop the hardware and firmware to the point where a ‘big company’ like SparkFun started selling a clone.
    @KillerSpud - I’m sorry your Bus Pirate shipped without a firmware. It sounds like you got a Bus Pirate from Hack a Day’s preorder 2 that shipped with the bootloader only. I setup the preorders as a fund raiser for Hack a Day, I’m sorry HaD never followed-up to let people know they need to load the latest firmware.

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