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  • The Viking King of Nerdlandia prepares for a long and lonely voyage!

  • Can you please carry Fez faceplates? I'd love to be able to get one.

  • I've got a REALLY old breakoutboard from SFE with the 5DOF setup with a ADXL330 and IDG300 on it. There is no longer a page for it even in Retired because it has been superseded by this page. I'm seeing different numbers when supplying a 3.3V input for the total range, when I calibrate to -1g/1g on the Z axis I'm gettin 323mv per g and not the 550mv per g I should expect. Is anyone else getting "odd" results with this board (granted mine is slightly different)?

  • You've got to be careful with this one, the ICSP pinouts are not on the Domino board so a little creative re-wiring is in order. Other than that I've been VERY impressed with my FEZ Domino board. I've got a collection of 10 or so Arduinos and I just can't see myself using them except for really simple things. The libraries are amazing and so much is already done for you compared to searching out libs for 'duino

  • According to the datasheet this is a 5v connection device. Not sure where the 3.3V comment comes from.
    "Only three wires 5V, GND and Signal are needed to interface to the LCD."

  • to think, I nearly bought an Uno.....

  • Well it doesn't look like the RTC or ENET are available, but the SD, and extra UARTs are. For automobile based CAN projects I could see using it, and it might be nice to get some "bigger" libraries than what the Arduino folks cook up.

  • At first I had overlooked this board as being too powerful to stick in an Arduino package. Having said that however it looks like this package already comes with all the goodies that I'm normally adding to my arduino projects anyway. Simple things like,
    RTC, Storage (SD), UARTs, ENET and it appears to have some other goodies as well, CAN (how cool would that be), WAY more available memory, and the list goes on. I easily spend this much money making my Arduinos complete on almost every project I do. I'm checking the schematics and documentation now to see what is really available/exposed!

  • My guess is that with a 28 pin ZIF socket there would be nothing stopping you from putting an Arduino bootloaded ATMega168 in the place of this pre-programmed chip. Just get 2 ZIFs and put on on the Arduino for programming purposes, then slap it in this thing.

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