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  • Wow, reading this I have trouble figuring out where to start...

    How about, "Where does the vitriol come from?" You need to look inside your <3 and decide if that's the person you strive to be.

    I'm both proud of Nate making a public statement of inclusion and sad that an owner would need to do that.

    BTW, how do you know what the bathroom of a gay bar looks like ;-)?

  • Who wants to see my light saber?

  • What, Me Worry?
    - Pete E. Neuman

  • Nice 3's Company reference; so very clever of you.

  • I was hoping it was a bit more specialized to the task...

    Always on the lookout for good tools.

    If you need to do timing diagrams, you may wish to check out this tool:

  • What tool did you use to produce the Arena State Logic state diagram?

  • In the section "Your First Badger Hack," you should place a comment above the first delay statement telling users what that delay is for. Right after printing out "Hello world," we changed the string to something longer and were confused for a bit why only so much text scrolled by before disappearing.

    Also, the comment above the scrollText call says to scroll 2 times but the parameter passed is a 1.

    We got copies at the 2015 AVC workshop and really like them. I expect they might be offered for sale at some point. Some better documentation of the Sparkfun_LED_8x7 (so you don't have to open up the header or source files) just to play around would be much appreciated by casual users.

  • I have v.1.6.3 and replacing the boards.txt file did work. Maybe that helps in identifying the issue and solution.

  • Yes, dougal is correct about 120V AC is the rms voltage.

    The power formula being used: power = Vrms*Irms only works if the load is resistive.

    I'm expecting in this case that the power factor is not 1. You would want to hook up a scope w/current probe to look at the phase angle between the voltage and current signals.

    I would be surprised if the power number on the bulb is not correct. I expect someone, even as a write this, is plugging some bulbs into a lamp socket, which is in turn plugged into one of those socket watt meters like the Kill A Watt, and verifying the numbers.

  • Heard from outside the trailer after Shawn's gotten his next generation Redboard idea praised by Atmel: I haven't had an orthodox career, and I've wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn't feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!

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