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  • A full DXF drawing of arduino uno and mega can be found here:

  • I put it all together and uploaded the code, but I am getting a short spin from the motor followed by a message on my PC saying that the Arduino Uno R3 was turned off to protect from power surge. It looks like the board is drawing too much current. I am using these motors instead of the ones you mentioned in this article. Other than that, I followed it step by step. Can you please let me know what could be wrong? These are the motors:

    Thank you! Petr

  • Problem solved. One incorrectly positioned nut :).

  • I purchased this motor gear box, but after putting it together, the two motors don't turn independently - they are connected via the middle shaft. They are supposed to run independently, right? What did I do wrong, please? Anybody had this problem?

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