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  • I'm having great difficulties uploading a simple sketch to the Fio v3 and am getting conflicting advice which version of the IDE to use. I think I've now tried every conceivable combination of IDE, Addon etc but still have no luck. The best results seem to be with IDE 1.0.3 and the Addon installed in a directory called "hardware" in the directory of the Sketch, then selecting "Arduino Fio v3 (Leonardo)" from the Board menu. That allows me to compile the sketch without errors and start what seems an upload (observing a few blinks of the RX LED). The upload however hangs and the sketch does not start to run. I've tried pressing the reset button once and twice at various moments (before initiating the upload and after). I now have two boards, one where the ASO LED is blinking (about 3-4 times per second) and another where that is not the case.

    I've spend many hours on this now and I'm getting a bit annoyed (as you probably can imagine). Is it really that complicated to program a very simple sketch (the famous LED blink sketch) into an Arduino Fio v3?

    I'm using a linux workstation; the USB serial port is always recognised without fail after inserting the USB cable.

    Any advice is much appreciated.

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