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  • That is standard for computer muffin fans, yes.

  • Thanks for the library!
    It builds fine for me with AVR-GCC in linux but not using WIN-AVR and eclipse. Lots of annoying errors. Anyone get that to work?

  • Thanks for the info.
    Looks like the only difference in the two boards schematics is the jumper for charging current and the two different connectors for system and batt. The system and batt outputs are both hooked up to the VBAT line though, so both boards are setup the same with the same charging IC. And actually I just noticed that this boards schematic lists the plus/minus connectors behind the battery connect as "Connected to 3.7V System". So both boards should be able to do in circuit charging.

  • Can you use this board to charge a battery while it is connected to another circuit? Like if you split the wire from the battery and connected it to this charger board and the board the battery was meant to power at the same time?

  • Thanks for the link, been looking for something like that :)

  • Sounds like you can get an accurate voltage output value that spans a large range, is that true? Have you used the sensor to weight anything successfully?

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