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  • After looking around, I found the code at http://mitat.tuu.fi/?p=78 …; however, it’s not compatible with Arduino 1.0.

    I am starting to research what I need to change to make it compliant with the new IDE. Hopefully, it won’t take much…

  • Unfortunately, this does not work with Arduino 1.0 code, as is, due to changes in Wire.send() & Wire.receive()… for those new to Arduino, change all the above to:

    Wire.write() & Wire.read().

    It will save the headache of going through the code twice.

  • Thank you, RobertC, for the reply. How long a run time do you get for the 2200mA rating?

  • I saw somebody use sub-C type battery packs with 5Ah rating… how in the world are we supposed to supply power to this thing without weighing it down (i.e., SLA), or spending a small fortune (LiPo, LiFe, etc)?

  • Using those figures, here’s what I come up with:

    P = IxV = (6x3)x6 = 18x6 = 108 Watts

    That’s outrageous! 18A constant supply, I cannot find a battery that will fit that requirement AND fit on the body.

    Right now, I have 6V @ 7Ah. 7Ah/20 = 0.35Ah constant supply. Not even close…

  • First, this thing is fantastic & well-built, I love it!

    Now, on to powering this thing. It’s been years since I’ve dealt with the formula to compute total power requirements, so I am really messing things up trying to figure this out.

    Is the “free-run” 450mA the nominal draw when the motor is in use? Or, would I have to figure power requirements from the maximum draw of 6A?

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