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  • The connector is right angle as delivered but the pins can be easily bent to make it a vertical connector.

  • I assume that this is Multi-level Cell Flash (MLC) not Single Level Cell Flash (SLC)? It would be great if you Sparkfun would confirm with a specification sheet for the card. MLC/SLC makes a difference in terms of the number of reliable erase/write cycles and energy per write. MLC can have as few as a couple thousand write cycles. SLC has at least 10x as many. SLC cards are harder to find and more expensive but they would be better for many non-traditional (i.e. Hacker) applications where energy use is a concern and code might not be optimized. If Sparkfun bought SLC cards in bulk I would be interested in getting my hands on few.

  • Thirded. Something like the Analog Devices AD7788 16-bit Sigma Delta.

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