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  • I haven't gotten a reply from BlueCreations. I'm guessing neither of us will unless we get a friend who works somewhere like Apple to email them for us.

    As for the audio stream between two BC127s, it's really good. The analog input on this board is okay but not amazing, but the actual digital link is good. As for aptX, my boards say they are using it when I pair them and use the status command. I don't know enough beyond that to tell if they're lying or not :p Good luck with your project!

  • Yeah, latency is about 150ms, same as SBC. And yes I had to set both devices to enable aptX before it would work. I have also written to BlueCreation asking about aptX Low Latency, which is what I need for my wireless mic project.

  • Ohhhhh it's on the right side of the page. I only looked on the left side. Thanks!!

  • How did you get Melody 5.5?

  • I would just use another one of these. You can set the module to be a source or a sink via the command line.

  • I just bought two of these. When I type "version", one of the things it says is "A2DP Codecs: SBC", which indicates to me that it only includes SBC. The module supports aptX, AAC, and MP3, but it does not come with them. In theory you could contact BlueCreation and they would ship you a firmware update that has the codecs. I just emailed them on Friday, so we'll see if they get back to me.

    Edit: I was wrong! You just have to enable the additional codecs (on both devices). For example, to enable aptX (in addition to SBC), enter "set codec=1 0 1" (aptX, default sample rate, stereo). Then when you connect using A2DP, it will automatically use aptX. If you enable all the codecs, it says they're all available, but I can't figure out how to tell it which codec to use in a given A2DP session.

  • Were you able to figure this out? Also, how are you telling it to connect with aptX instead of SBC? I have CODEC set to 001, which means aptX is enabled, but when I connect with OPEN [address] A2DP, it automatically uses SBC. Incidentally, I'm getting about 150ms delay with SBC.

  • That would be really awesome. I have a theory, based on a forum thread about Bluegiga's WT32, that BC127s without a license will still function with aptX for a few minutes, then turn to garbage until you reset them. So at least we can see if aptX works for what we're trying to do. Then in theory we could buy the BC127-APTX and make our own boards for it. Or get a really precise heat gun and desolder the one on the Purpletooth Jamboree, then swap in the aptX version.

    Edit: I got my boards, and they have the aptX codec!! There's even a license code. I've been streaming audio between two Purpleteeth using aptX for over 10 minutes with no issues. You just have to enter "set codec=1 0 1" (or 7 0 1, which says it enables AAC and MP3 as well, although I can't figure out how to choose which codec to use when connecting).

  • Actually it might! On page 13 of the Melody manual, it says you can select one of several codecs, including AAC. It has a footnote that says they're not included by default with Melody, and that you need to ask BlueCreation for them, but in theory then you would have AAC.

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