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  • Hello, as already posted before, I have 2 different version of this eval board. Is it possible to get the scheme of this board?

  • Hello, I ordered 2 of those from a reseller. They are more or less the same, except the pcb of the first board I ordered is rounded and the FSKIN and FSKOUT pins are inverted.

    I have an Arduino Nano and I connect them using the following instructions: FSKOUT → D3 GND → GND VCC → VCC FSKIN → D6 AREF → D7

    First of all, they are all correct?

    Then... I tried the androino application from website http://androino.blogspot.com/ And it is not working.

    I am using this cable http://www.cdiscount.com/high-tech/accessoires/cable-audio-video-cd23384/f-1062802-auc5412810123384.html It provides 4 rings.

    So I tried to perform some hardware check. I tested the reception of data incoming from my pc to Arduino using this simple tool: https://github.com/NeoCat/FSK-Serial-Generator-in-JavaScript That allows to modulate bytes in FSK. I am able to receive data correctly. Only the first card can correctly receive data.

    Then I wanted to try to send data to my PC from Arduino. I just connect my speakers or a tweeter to see if something is received... Only the second one is able to do it...

    Is it necessary to build a custom cable to cross microphone and speaker lines?

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