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  • I have been using OLED displays (16x2 and 20x4) in my projects for over a year. I use OLED character displays from NewHaven Displays (www.newhavendisplay.com) and an I2C LCD/OLED interface board from Akafugu (http://www.akafugu.jp/posts/products/twilcd).

  • Question about using the DTR pin on the 6 pin header, I see on the schematic it is tied to dio3. The schematic does not show that it is pulled up to 5v. My question is: is the DTR pin on the header expecting a 3.3v signal when dio3 is an input and is it sourcing 3.3v when dio3 is an output. I understand that if I use a solder bridge on sj1 (rst to dio3) that when the xbee receives a reset signal and dio3 is an output, then the dtr pin on the 6 pin header will go low otherwise it is pulled high somehow.
    Is this correct? Thanks

  • This is a fantastic i2c 16 channel io port expander with level shifting. The only things I would suggest is to re-layout the boards i2c pins and add thru holes on the corners so standoffs could be used if wanted.

    The i2c pin layout I am most familiar with is VCC, GND, SCL, SDA then you can have the Int, RST, and the oscillator on another 3 pins. This way a 4 pin and a 3 pin right angle headers could be used for use on a breadboard or with standoffs. (just cut down the 6 pin rt angle header that sparkfun sells)

    If you also add the 4 pin 12c pads to the other side of the board it can be used in a chain of i2c devices.

    Please consider re-laying out this board, So far I have not found any i2c port expander that comes close to the SX1509 functionality and features.

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