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  • this is the right way to do it.

    this document will be useful for a lot of people on how to mount the sensor https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tsbrqq5waggo561/AAD6-vIg5ubB6t51cwfPD-kma

    if someone wants to do an enclosure crowd funded i will be interested

  • i have messed with this sensor before... please search for some videos in youtube for DIVEDUINO...

    is not easy to mount the "right way" you will need to have some precise machining lathe. and something better than a PCB to hold the pressure on the back.

    if you search on the www.uspto.gov theres a patent that uses this sensor and they are diagrams on how they did it "just to give you and idea"

    the redneck solution could be found here


  • Openlog Power

    So i have a arduino pro mini 3.3v, oled display ssd1306, rtc and openlog.. i left this running with two AAA batteries for a day, every 3 seconds i was sampling data and recording it to the txt file on the openlog.

    openlog was able to record 4800 data rows in about 4 hours powered with the AAA batteries, after that 4 hours(pretty good) my arduino pro mini and display keeps working, also the rtc but it is not longer recording. with time the battery voltaje drops to around 2.8-2.6. and openlog stops writing to the sd card.

    do you have any idea why? if everything else is working?

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