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  • Hello, maybe someone can help me.

    I need to use the “unused” pins marked as 2 and 5 in the board. i need to attach another rain gauge, so, how can i configure the source code to enable these pins as interrupts?? or maybe to replace the const int RAIN = 2;, to the pins mentioned above.

    thanks for the help.

  • i tried with the cpp in the .zip of the link on the top, but i got too wrong measures. then i modified the .cpp file to those constants, and i was able to read the pressure correctly.

    i don’t know if you have the latest version of the file in the zip, because when the board was new, the readings were accurate, then when i upload the code in the .zip file above, i started to experiment the issues in the accuracy. i’ll very glad if you can confirm if the SFE_BMP085.cpp is the correct file that comes in the board by default.

  • hi, i had the same problem with the sensor bmp085.

    After a long, long investigation, i noticed that the constants in the file SFE_BMP085.cpp are causing the trouble.

    i put these constants that worked for me (as an advice, backup the actual constants you have before try it)

    AC1 = 8664; AC2 = -1175; AC3 = -14551; AC4 = 34407; AC5 = 24861; AC6 = 16892; VB1 = 5498; VB2 = 63; MB = -32768; MC = -11075; MD = 2432;

    I only have a little problem with the temperature, but as a workaround, i’m using the SHT15 temperature.

  • ok, thanks a lot for all the help, i’ll do my best.

  • Thanks for advice Mike, i’ll study the options you gave to me. Only i have one more question: any sensor needs special protection? or are designed for heavy-duty forecasting? regards.

  • Anyone of you have an example or tutorial of how this board must be deployed, i mean, the correct packaging for outdoors and work properly without damaging the board beause the rain, sun, humidity, etc. thanks a lot.

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